Requests for placement of orders can be sent by email or fax. We look forward to your initial contact,at which time you be informing us about the models and/or specifications:

— Purpose of use: promotions, gifts to clients, ensuring staff with elements of corporate identity, etc.

— Basic requirements for internal design (a pocket for a cell phone, key holders, business card holders, departments under the floppy, etc.)

— Color of the product

— Materials and fixtures you are interested in.

— Personalization: embroidery, silk screening, rubber shields, metal, fabric, leather stamping.

— Order volume.

— Target date of the order.

You can use an example of the order form on our web site.

We will implement the selection or development of models according to your technical requirements and display it in the electronic form, including the model image, color and place for logo on the product. After your approval we can produce the control sample.

Materials. We use synthetic materials impregnated and coated with polymeric materials with different densities of thread: nylon and polyester fabrics from 75D to 1200D; leather, plastic and metal fittings domestic and foreign production

Payment. Bank transfer made to the account of the seller or by cash through the company based on the invoice for prepayment, and the subsequent registration of all accounting documents.

Minimal order. Order for the development and manufacture of single products is made after consideration and coordination with the customer.

Embroidery. Coats and tatami mats, the combination of different techniques of embroidery with cutout we use, allows you to play any color combination, that gives the logo a more expensive and spectacular view. The cost of embroidery and embroidery development is calculated depending on the density of the deck, the number of colors of thread and the number of stitches in embroidery.

Delivery. Delivery of the products to the customer’s warehouse within Moscow is made by our transport. Delivery to the other regions is made in any optimal way chosen by the Customer.

Samples. We will provide you with product samples and you will be able to check the quality of our products. If necessary, the manager will draw up all the desired changes to the model chosen for the subsequent manufacture of electronic image and the reference sample. After the approval of the control sample the entire order will be put into production. Manufacturing period is up to five working days. 

Price. Each order is treated individually. The cost of the product depends on the complexity of the model, the volume of the order, the selected type of material, accessories, as well as on the application logo. There is a flexible system of discounts.

Silk. We use high quality paint that can withstand any atmospheric effects and do not lose brightness with long-term use. The cost of applying the logo depends on the size of the figure, the number of passages of color and size of the order.

Delivery terms. We need to know the date of your event. Production runs according to schedule of orders, so delivery time may vary depending on our workload at the moment. The term of order execution is appointed from the date of approval of the control sample and receipt of advance payment of at least 50%.

Package. Total package is a cardboard box.; however, as per the request of the customer and prior consent of the client, product can be packed in an individual package.

Warranty. We guarantee quality of the product, established by GOST (State Standard) 28631-90 «Bags, suitcases, briefcases, knapsacks, briefcases, and small haberdashery products». Product warranty period is three months from the date of delivery of goods.

Trademarks, presented in the catalog are representative of our ability to reproduce them by screen printing or embroidery. Products with a logotype are not intended for sale to other companies, except those brands or companies that provide guarantees of the right to use provided trademarks.