Number of original developments of «MaksPhil» company is confirmed by patents of The Russian Federation. This confirms the priority, authorship, and the exclusive right to use them; and is protected by law.

The order of protection of rights for intellectual property is regulated in part four of the Civil Code of The Russian Federation of December 18, 2006 N 230-FL.

The presence of a patent creates a legal situation where the patented invention may be used only with permission of the patent owner. Along with civil liability, Russian legislation provides criminal liability for certain violations of the rights of authors and patent holders.

In accordance with article 147 of the Criminal Code of The Russian Federation, in reference to the number of criminal violations involving the illegal use of an invention, useful model and/or industrial design. The applicable Statute reads as follows: From 01.01.2008 the duration of exclusive rights to the useful model registered before 01/01/2008, and the validity of which, to this date, has not expired, is established in article 1363 of the Civil Code of The Russian Federation. The patent rights for useful models are for a period of ten years.