Factory building

Company owns 3200 square meters of working area, in which modern garment manufacture with high level of working culture is located.

Factory interior

We provide and maintain a sanitary and ecologically sound environment, which lends itself to both attracting and maintaining an experienced staff, who both compliment and supplement each others skills and personalities. As a result we position ourselves to execute and deliver our client’s order in a timely and effective manner.

Managers, Department heads and specialists of "MaksPhil" company headed by General Manager Robert Bout (in the middle).

(From left to right) L. Voronkova — finance and organization development manager, I. Chumakova – head of the logistics department, N. Gorbunova — production manager, M. Kapnin — head of the corporate customer work department, E. Bout — public relations head, O. Kachanova — HR manager, G. Lukhanina — sewing workshop chief, I. Kosisheva — chief accountant.

Readiness and ability for dialogue, professionalism, individual and creative approach to every order, focus on long-term relations; these are the principles which this group constantly strive to maintain.

Embroidery site is equipped with modern equipment made by "Tajima" (Japan) and can make embroidery of any complexity, resulting in very distinctive logos. We offer to our clients custom embroidery on bags, T-shirts, baseball caps, special and working clothing. Embroidery of chevrons, making plates, streamer and other configurations are also available.
Machine embroidery will decorate any textile. It has high operating characteristics, resulting in extreme durability, and as a result maintains it's original appearance for a very long time.

Production, quality control, and new product development are a partial list of this Department's responsibilities.

Creates new and updated engineering, based on modern science and new technology. Designing of new models is made by Automated Design Engineering System "Assol". It contains convenient drawing tools, design tools and automates the design methods and design patterns. 3d design software facilitates development of complicated products, and automatically convert surfaces on plane for achieving templates. Helps to place real materials on the designed models for visual assessment of product’s appearance.

Major task of the department is to create an effective control system and to control material and data flows. This results in a seamless, timely logistical service.

Logistics department

Compiling the optimal route for transportation of goods. It is complicated and responsible work which the logistics department does before each and every trip of delivery driver.

Performs production objectives on materials; cutting and gathering cut in time, according to stock-list. Cutting is done on both modern domestic and foreign equipment.

Sewing workshop is equipped with high-technology equipment originating in both Juki (Japan) and SUN STAR (Korea). Modern mechanized sewing units and dedicated sewing machines allow fabricating even the most complicated models.

Our clothing industry employs highly qualified specialists who are familiar with all aspects of manufacture involving the entire spectrum of popular products. Employees have a thorough knowledge of modern types of equipment, modern materials properties, and perspective physicochemical treatment. All specialists and tailors of leather accessories’ products go through multilevel tests before they are employed.

Sewing workshop

Production engineer organizes flow line manufacture in sewing workshop. Controls compliance with the requirements and standards during products manufacture. This close scrutiny effectively reveals and eliminates the causes of defects. Final inspector does quality control and monitors the compliance of products with normative and technical documentation and master sample.
"MaksPhil" PCC Ltd company management has a target which is LEADERSHIP in the field of quality of manufactured products and make it clear to all employees that QUALITY IS EVERYONE’S BUSINESS.

Accessories area has different semiautomatic presses and special pneumatic equipment which allows setting of a wide range of plastic and metal accessories.

Silk screening site prints logos on bags, T-shirts, baseball caps, jackets and working clothes; using different technologies such as screen printing and thermal transfer.

Silk screening site

Personalization of products is made using American equipment of total cycle, and paints made by "Serikol" (England).

Warehouse for raw materials

Packaging arrangement in warehouse before using it in the production.

Warehouse for raw materials

Packaging arrangement in warehouse before using it in the production.

Finished-products storage area is one of the major logistical links which connects production and production distribution. Absolute order in these rooms is a strict requirement of warehouse regulations.