Dear Customers and Potential Customers:

“MaksPhil” company, founded in 1992, specializes in manufacturing of promotional products, namely bags, backpacks for different purposes, briefcases and folders of nylon and polyester with a distinctive logo of the customer.

In 2008 "MaksPhil" company supplied bags and back packs with the logo of "The Federation of Wrestling" in Russia; this order was requested by the agency of sport and physical education and first made its appearance at the Olympics in Beijing.

Our Company was awarded a certificate of gratitude, which reads as follows: "For huge contribution in preparation of Russia’s Greco-Roman wrestling Olympic team on XXXIX Olympic games in Beijing".

The quality of our products is confirmed by "Statement of Quality", conferred on our Firm by "100 Russia’s best products" program. Our enterprise became a prize-winner, and acquired a right to market its products with a "100 Russia’s best products" golden seal of approval".

At the present time we conduct business with many overseas companies, as well as many Russian companies. It is with great pride, and humility that I can assure you that we, and our products are highly rated as to: Quality , employees’ professionalism, efficiency at solving issues arising in the process of interaction, the will to consider customers needs, and special attention to customers’ corporate standards. This is confirmed by letters of gratitude received from our many clients, which we will be happy to share with you, upon request.

Since 2002, our company has been a member of IPSA association, which is an international professional unification of companies working in the advertising novelty field.

"MaksPhil" PCC Ltd regularly takes part in specialized exhibitions, seminars and trade shows. This ensures that we are always up-to-date on current trends of leather accessories manufacture. This approach, along with paying very close attention to the current needs of the advertising novelty market, affords us the ability quickly implement the newest trends in all our products.

In 2003 "MaksPhil" PCC Ltd was awarded a certificate by The Russia’s Consumer Protection Fund, which reads as follows: "For the contribution in development of Russia’s advertising novelty goods manufacture". This decision was made by a council of experts "Best in Russia", "Best in Moscow", "Best in Moscow area". We, as a firm and as individuals are very proud of this honour.

We are sure that doing business with us will be useful, successful and pleasant. Perhaps one day we may call you our client, with pride!

With respect,
"MaksPhil" PCC Ltd General Manager Robert Bout.

No to tobacco! We live in a world where every year tobacco is responsible for the deaths of three and a half million people and the numbers steadily grow.

Our company is committed to the principle of non involvement insofar as advertising tobacco companies; and furthermore,does not take orders from such companies. The jury is no longer out on this issue; the facts are uncontroversial. TOBACCO KILLS!

One cannot claim to maintain high moral and ethical standards, and, in any way be a party to advertising such a potentially deadly product.

We place the priority of human values above all others, and try to follow this standard in our everyday work. In effect we don't just "Talk the Talk", we "Walk the Walk". Dishonesty in relation to clients and colleague to the financial benefit of our company is unacceptable to us.

from "Basic values of the company"

Our clients are everyone who contacts our company – from the initial contact to order placement. All clients are important to us, regardless of volume of an order, or size of Company. Our entire business philosophy is aimed at our client’s interest.

We take responsiblity for everything we produce. Our products are high quality, practical, durable, and perfect from an aesthetic point of view. This business souvenir will stay in the field of view of target groups for a very long time, constantly serving as a reminder of viability of the company. Experience, as well as numerous studies has confirmed this type of exposure is better than words and commercials for promoting ones' product.